Their songs live on

A talk by Martin Graebe

Sabine Baring-Gould was the first of the large-scale collectors of folk song in England at the end of the late nineteenth century and remains the major source of collected song from Devon and Cornwall. Despite his significance, he has remained something of an enigma. In 1992, the discovery of previously unknown manuscripts and notebooks sparked a new study of his work and its significance. Martin Graebe is an authority on Baring-Gould’s life and work and in this presentation he talks about Baring-Gould, about his approach to collecting songs and about the men and women from whom he collected them. He will also consider his working relationships with contemporary collectors such as Cecil Sharp and Lucy Broadwood. The talk will be illustrated and will include examples of songs from the collection sung by Martin and Shan Graebe.

Martin Graebe is a singer, songwriter and researcher into traditional song. He is an authority on the life and work of pioneering song collector Sabine Baring-Gould who was the first to collect the songs sung by the ordinary people of Devon and Cornwall. Martin’s own songs include many that have become ‘standards’ in the modern folk repertoire and have been recorded by a number of well-respected performers. As a singer he now works in partnership with Shan Graebe. Their repertoire includes many songs taken from the Baring-Gould manuscripts as well as songs that Martin has written. Their second CD together, ‘Dusty Diamonds’ was released in 2008.


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